Chandler Lodge No. 227

Free and Accepted Masons of Pennsylvania

Est. 4 May 1848

Masonic Center, West Reading under
The Grand Lodge of PA


Last update:

January 1st, 2020




Masonic Center

400 South 7th Avenue
West Reading, PA  19611


Stated Meetings: First Tuesday of the month
Extra Meetings: 4th Wednesday after the first Tuesday


WM James M. Frank, IV

invites you to come to a Stated Meeting of the Lodge. Support your favorite Charity by participating in his “Charity of the Month” program!

A note to visitors to our Lodge from the Officers and Members : Chandler Lodge No. 227 is proud to support our DDGM in continuing the Pennsylvania tradition of requiring "Masonic Dress" at our Stated and Extra meetings. Masonic dress is coat and tie (We have extra ties), but more than that it signifies a proper state of mind when entering the Lodge, being dressed Masonically means to be ready to leave the outside world of concerns to dwell in peace among your Brethren.


Any Member of the Lodge in good standing is entitled to a Masonic Funeral Service. Contact the Secretary for details...


Brunch with the Men will be at 8:30 Am., the Saturday following the Stated Meeting at a location TBD,

Or at the pleasure of the Worshipful Master. Watch your Notice!


2021 Calendar :


5th Stated Meeting

Supper Menu: Veal Scaloppini with Rice Pilaf

Program: Introduction of Officers.

6th School of Instruction

15th School of Instruction

21st Officer Rehearsal

22nd School of Instruction

29th Extra Meeting



4th Stated Meeting

Supper Menu: Sirloin Steak with Mushroom Sauce & Herb Grilled Potatoes

Program: York Rite – Presented by guest speaker, Steve Gardner - RWPGM

5th School of Instruction

12th School of Instruction

18th Officers rehearsal

19th School of Instruction

26th Extra Meeting



3rd Stated Meeting

Supper Menu: Crab Imperial with Garlic Herb Fettuccini

Program: Scottish Rite – Presented by guest speaker, Robert Bateman – RWPGM

4th School of Instruction

11th School of Instruction

17th Officers Rehearsal

18th School of Instruction

25th Extra Meeting.



7th Stated Meeting Trustees’ Audit Report

Supper Menu: Roast Beef with Scalloped Potatoes

Program: Exemplification of Masonic Funeral Services, presented by Eric Kissinger PM

3rd School of Instruction

11th School of Instruction

13th Regional School Harrisburg

16th Officers Rehearsal

17th School of Instruction

24th Extra Meeting



5th Stated Meeting

Supper Menu: Chicken Parm. with Pasta Primavera

Program: Official Visitation 60/50/25 yr service pins

6th School of Instruction

9th 172nd Annual Banquet

10th Mother’s Day

13th School of Instruction

19th Officers Rehearsal

20th School of Instruction

27th Extra Meeting



2nd Stated Meeting, Family Fun Night !

Supper Menu: Seafood Newburg with Roasted Potatoes

Program: Masonic Talk on Motorcycle Ride, Presented by Victor M. Frederick III, PM

3rd School of Instruction

10th School of Instruction

13th Annual Lodge Picnic

16th Officer Rehearsal

17th School of Instruction

24th Extra Meeting


Lodge is "Dark" July and August



7 School of Instruction

14 School of Instruction

21 School of Instruction



4 School of Instruction

11 School of Instruction

18 School of Instruction



7 Stated Meeting

Supper Menu: N/A

Program: Elizabethtown Masonic Village

8 School of Instruction

15 School of Instruction

21 Officer Rehearsal

22 School of Instruction

29 Extra Meeting



5 Stated Meeting

Supper Menu: N/A

Program: Past Masters Night

6 School of Instruction

13 School of Instruction

19 Officer Rehearsal

20 School of Instruction

27 Extra Meeting



2 Stated Meeting

Supper Menu: N/A

Program: Honor Veterans

3 School of Instruction

10 School of Instruction

16 Officer Rehearsal

17 School of Instruction

24 Extra Meeting

25 Thanksgiving



7 Stated Meeting

Supper Menu: N/A

Program: Election and Installation of Officers

8 School of Instruction

15 School of Instruction

21 Officer Rehearsal

22 School of Instruction

24 Christmas

29 Extra Meeting


Is it your Masonic birthday?  See your meeting notice!

Note:  If you know the whereabouts of any of the "lost" Brethren in your meeting notice, please contact the Secretary!


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Upcoming Masonic Events


Chandler Lodge No.227 173rd Annual Banquet

Date:  TBA

7th Masonic District Board of Govenors

Date:  Second Wednesday of the Month
Time:  7:00pm
Location: Masonic Center, West Reading, PA
Please see your meeting notice for further details!

Masonic Thoughts

From James M. Frank, IV, WM to the Brethren of Chandler Lodge No. 227

To my Fraternal Brethren of Chandler Lodge No.227:

The Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania is one of a few remaining Grand Lodges in the World that works under the Ancients Constitution. The following was copied from Wikipedia, (

The Book of Constitutions, or Ahiman Rezon, of the Grand Lodge of England According to the Old Institutions, also known as the Antient Grand Lodge of England or the Grand Lodge of the Antients, was first published in 1754. Its author, Laurence Dermott, was Grand Secretary of the Antient Grand Lodge from 1752 to 1771. The full name of the first edition was Ahiman Rezon; or a Help to a Brother; showing the Excellency of Secrecy, and the first cause or motive of the Institution of Masonry; The Principles of the Craft; and the benefits from a Strict Observance thereof, etc., etc.; Also the Old and New Regulations; etc. To which is added the greatest collection of Masons' Songs, etc. A second edition was published in 1764, and subsequent editions in 1778, 1787, 1800, 1801, 1807, and 1813. The second edition was reprinted in Philadelphia in 1855 by Leon Hyneman. Dermott borrowed heavily from the Constitutions of the Grand Lodge of Ireland which had been published in 1751.

The third Charge in the Ahiman Rezon reads in part:

CHARGE III. Concerning Private Qualities and Duties.

For the better attainment of these shining qualities, he is to seek and acquire, as far as possible, the virtues of patience, meekness, self-denial, forbearance and the like, which give him the command over himself and enable him to govern his own family with affection, dignity and prudence; at the same time, checking every disposition injurious to the world and promoting that love and service, which brethren of the same Lodge or household, owe to each other. Therefore, to afford succour to the distressed, to divide our bread with the industrious poor and to put the misguided traveller into the way, are qualities inherent in the Craft and suitable to its dignity. But though a Mason is never to shut his ear unkindly to the complaints of any of the human species; yet when a brother is oppressed or suffers, he is in a more peculiar manner called to open his whole soul in love and compassion to him, and to relieve without prejudice, according to his capacity.

James M. Frank, IV, Worshipful Master 2020.

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